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World Domination

My newest project has me pondering all kinds of things, Pinky and the Brain namely, but that aside since it has nothing to do with the project other than I can’t say ‘World Domination’ without thinking of those choice lab rats. This quad of images is part of an ongoing look at how big businesses are dominant within the world but more so the American landscape, and how our priorities and freedoms are being skewed, have been skewed or will be skewed in the future. Also supposed to be a little humorous…but in a kind of sad way?


The Queen and some flowers

It often happens that I find a singular piece of work by an artist that is really compelling to me, then when I go to search for more of their work I’m….I don’t want to say disappointed but just surprised. Either their previous work is just so different or something that keeps me from grasping on to them as an artist. Both of these artists are like that. All of their work is fantastic but these particular works stood out to me the most.

This image, The Queen by Justin Mortimer 1998, is part of an exhibition ” “The Queen: Art and Image,” opens at the National Museum Cardiff on February 4 and the National Portrait Gallery on May 17, following stops in Edinburgh and Belfast last year. Through representations of Elizabeth, it charts a course across recent British history and art, against a backdrop of the realm’s shrinking empire, social upheaval, and the Internet revolution.” The show will include images by Pietro Annigoni and Cecil Beaton, as well as Gerhard Richter and many other artists. I don’t live in England so I don’t personally relate to many of the issues touched on in this exhibition, despite convincing myself I do because I watch Downtown Abbey, but this work sends a clear message to everyone that I think is quite powerful. Maybe it’s all the yellow. (image from artnews)

And speaking of messages:

These are images from an installation, by Anna Schuleit, where she brought the crumbling Northampton State Hospital to life with the music of J.S. Bach, and Bloom(2003), where she filled the Massachusetts Mental Health Center with 28,000 blooming flowers and 5,600 square feet of lush, green sod. Aside from just bringing beauty in to a space that otherwise lacks so much, also paying tribute to all the lives that passed through.

Thunder Cats get a make over…and wishful thinking

Growing up there were only a few cartoons I really watched; and Thunder Cats was one of the elite. The bees knees of cartoons. I wanted to be all of them, except, maybe, Snarf. So I must say when I say these illustrations (by Fab Ciraolo) I thought they were pretty great. It’s not just Thunder Cats, it’s all of the old school characters are included in this little illustrative make over, so I thought I’d share since I know there are others of you out there that love Jem and She Ra too. (via


And since I can’t help myself and am always dreaming traveling to new places (or old places really) and my latest obsession is Italy so here are some killer hotels (and deals) I recently have been fantasizing about:

This hotel, called Sextantio Albergo Diffuso is in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Italy and starting at $145 a night



Next up is in Campania and is called Mezzatorre Resort and starts around 280$ a night



I’m thinking Christmas in Italy sounds pretty good right about now.