Entertainment Photography and preparing to shoot

Well I’m finally going to shoot again. It’s been an eternity (which in non-dramatic terms is really about 4 months) since I last put together a photo shoot. I’ve managed to mildly get off my arse and get some peeps together, I hate to say it but models are hard to find in SF…if any one knows where they’re hiding out please let me know. Here are my inspiration shots for the shoot. I’ll have to post the images once they’re done:


And just to throw in some more fun pics, here’s a random collection of ¬†entertainment photos from last month

I just love a good portrait, especially the one of Ronan Saoirse. Ya’ll have¬†any favorites?

Oh and I changed the appearance of the blog, let me know if you like the new look!

(images via nymag.com and Wmagazine)