Ellen Ghallager at MoMa

I’ve been on this neverending mission to absorb new art work, or art work in general as it goes. I’m not entirely sure if this has helped or hurt my own creative process, I’m starting to think I may have overload and it’s clouding my own vision for my work. However I just enjoy seeing art so for now I stay the course. Today I’m dragging the husband to MoMa, one of the exhibits that’s there is Printin’ in conjunction with Print/Out . ‘This exhibition examines the evolution of artistic practices related to the print medium, from the resurgence of traditional printmaking techniques—often used alongside digital technologies—to the proliferation of self-published artists’ projects. ‘ ‘Printin’takes as its starting point DeLuxe (2005), a tour de force portfolio of 60 works by Ellen Gallagher (American, b. 1965) that challenged traditional ideas of what a print could be.’ according to MoMa  website.

I personally have never seen her work before and was excited because I love the play on print and how the message behind the medium can be so distorted. Here are some of her works:

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