8 coats to keep you warm this fall

I have a terrible affliction, I’m always cold. Even in summer. And now that it’s getting even colder outside I’m bound to become a personsicle unless I wear a toasty coat all the time. Inside, outside, everywhere. I must be wrapped up and covered at all times. Sounds very sexy doesn’t it? At least there are coats out there that can save me from looking homeless in my efforts for warmth, and save my husband from the wrath of my frozen self seeking warmth on his inevitably warmer man parts (ew, that didn’t sound right, I meant it in a family friendly way…like an arm or back or something PG rated). So check out the goods yo:

this one is from Topshop, adore the toggles and the color:

Zara Ottoman Puffer Jacket, available at Zara

the collar on this is fantastic, from Guess at Nordstrom:

this looks super warm and super fun color:

this next one is great, with the touches of plaid from Asos.com

the next one is a little more casual with a cool faux-fur (the only way to do fur is faux) hood:

next up one from Modcloth, very chic black and white:

And last is a great cream one that I could never wear because I’d spill something on it, but nonetheless fashionable:

If you don’t love these there are some more great coat guides at Refinery29.com, Fabsugar, and Shopstyle.com

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